Need to improve your communicative ability and effectiveness, either internally or with external stake-holders? I can help you reform the communicative culture of your company or organisation to improve results and boost staff commitment and performance.

How is communication done around here?

PR and communications is a business specialism with a multi-perspective take — the famous helicopter view — on an organisation, as sitting in a network of relations inside the workplace and outside: corporate; institutional; shareholder; with partners; government, media and community.

How do people talk about the organisation? And do their stories have a positive communication element?

Asking the right questions, and working together through the answers, is the first major step to developing plans, strategies and policies to boost results through better communication and to improve office life. I can coach you to enable staff to better function within the organisation and more effectively represent it with stake-holders — in ways that satisfy both them and you. Which aspects to emphasise in communications and how do these match stated priorities and values? What are the organisation’s rituals, structures and routines of communication inside the organisation and how can they be improved?

My questions, your answers, our solutions

If you’re a CEO, CFO, HR or line manager, I can assist — off-line if need be — preparing you for a public presentation, a media interview, a Q&A meeting with staff, a presentation to stake-holders, with the protection of brand and personal reputation including in communications crises. Communication comes to be viewed as both a top managerial skill and a general workplace competence.

The Public Relations and Communications office

The PR or communications department is an enabler, a user of media skills (traditional, digital and social), of skills in corporate communications; event management; share-holder relations and community outreach, to assist the organisation to achieve results. I can help you and your team to improve technical output — writing; editing; formulating media strategies, tailored to the Anglo-American markets in particular; to run better media and public events; to assist you with techniques and strategies for dealing with other divisions of the organisation to make them more communications literate.


Communications consultancy and training are available as off-the-shelf modules, one-to-one or in groups (see below), to help you achieve short-term, results-based objectives.

Training modules are in English or French. Some modules, or parts thereof, are available in German. Consultancy services are available in English or French.


For public affairs managers and practitioners in the private and public sectors

Writing for the spoken word

The how-to of writing speeches & presentations based on best practice rules & guidelines

Op-ed writing for the legacy media

How to write and be published

Business & negotiation with the English-speaking world

The USA, Britain and Australia, similarities & differences

Business & negotiation with the French

The best of a special blend

English language interview techniques

for media interviews
Expressly designed for non-native English speakers facing the challenge of media interview(s) but the techniques apply across languages and cultures

for job seekers
Expressly for non-native English speakers facing job interviews, though the approach & techniques are generally applicable (plus c.v. elements)

The communications strategy

How to conceive, write and implement a results-driven communications strategy

Ghost Writing

From blog items and newspaper columns, to longer term, image-enhancing business books and personal and celebrity memoirs — in total confidentiality if required.

Conference / After Dinner speaker

On the artful and artless, on subjects serious and irreverent: comparative politics and society; France and the Anglosphere; on Germany & France compared.